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We will bring the paint party to you! Our Paint Truck is fully equipped to bring a paint party to the venue of your choice.

Paint Bar Bangalore is available for your corporate or private events. We organise paint parties, Birthdays, Kids’ paint bar, anniversary parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties – Anything you have in mind!

Step 1:  Each Person is given a canvas, (or other material to paint on if applicable) brushes, easels, an apron and other materials required. The tables & chairs will have to be provided by you (well covered)
Step 2:  Everyone will be given step by step instructions on how to make the painting while an artist paints with them.
Step 3:  Everyone can take home the painting they have created!

We would love to take our paint truck to different cities, you can contact us for the same. 


If you want us to bring our paint party to your desired location our costs would be        Rs. 1,500 inclusive taxes per head.


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Email or give us a call at +919880963360 to ask about availability and discuss details. Please be sure to let us know which location you’re interested in.